Jewelry Care

Hi! Congratulations on your new jewelry!

We believe jewelry should be worn every day. Most of the jewelry we sell requires very little care — just wear and enjoy.  We do recommend taking off your jewelry when swimming, gardening, doing contact sports, seriously messy cooking, and moving heavy objects. That said - it depends on your lifestyle, your aesthetic preferences, how often you lose things (taking jewelry off regularly seems to be the biggest culprit in loss!).

With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to keep your jewelry looking its very best!


Welcome to Jewelry Care 101

Gold is a soft metal: gold has a shine and luster, but it is also a soft metal, meaning it is susceptible to scratches and dings. When wearing gold rings and bracelets be mindful and remove them while using harsh chemical, exercising or doing vigorous physical activities.  Some people may experience an allergic reaction to wearing metals that contain nickel.  Please note, 9k, 14k and 18k yellow and rose gold do not contain nickel.  White gold is alloyed with nickel, it's what makes it white in color.
• Chlorine & Water exposure: Chlorine is very damaging to gold jewelry, and with repeated exposure can lead to your jewelry breaking. Be sure to remove your jewelry before getting in a pool or spa. Wearing jewelry while you shower/bathe can lead to buildup of soap which leaves a film on your stones and gold.
• Put jewelry on last: Make-up, perfume hair products and lotions can damage your gold. It is best to put these on before your jewelry to limit exposure.
• Store correctly: Store your pieces in a clean, dry fabric lined jewelry box, or the box/pouch your item arrives in. Store items separately or in a designated area to keep them from scratching or tangling.

Each piece of orofino jewelry is hand-crafted and therefore delicate.  Please handle each piece with extra care to ensure it lasts a lifetime. We suggest removing jewelry while swimming, bathing, exercising and working with chemicals or harsh abrasives. When not wearing your jewelry it should be kept in a safe and secure place.

Our collections consist of 9k, 14k and 18k  gold and can be cleaned with a polishing cloth or warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush .All of the stones we use are natural gemstones; therefore, they may vary in shape, size and color. Inclusions can be seen in natural stones and are a part of their beauty. Most gemstones do not stand the force of cleaning agents, polishing cloth or ultrasonic cleaners.


Despite being rather sensitive beauties, pearls love being worn!! They don't like being stored away and their intrinsic luster and glow will only improve when worn regularly. 

However, they do need proper care to last many many lifetimes. Pearl experts say: put them on last and take them off first. Pearls are more vulnerable to the chemicals found in cosmetics, hair spray, hair dye, and perfume. And pearls do NOT like chlorine - neither in swimming pools or even regular showers. Do all your primping before you put your pearls on. 

Pearls should ONLY be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with water and the little bit of ivory soap. 

Note: pearls improve with wear, gaining luster from the natural oils in skin. So please, wear your pearls every day. We do!